Cloud Ararat Integrated Unmanned Aerial Systems Operate Beyond Visual Line Of Sight(BVLOS)

Within the integrated operations management and Aerial & Field data services, Cloud Ararat offers fully autonomous, beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) aerial operations using unmanned aerial vehicles(UAVs) / drones in the United States, Europe & Middle East.

What is beyond visual line of sight aerial operations and how could it benefit your business with Cloud Ararat?

Beyond visual line of sight aerial operations enable businesses to collect data using remote sensing technologies and aerial assets; autonomously or remotely piloted UAVs / Drones. The former technology, VLOS UAV operations, were quite expensive and dangerous with manned vehicles like helicopters or planes, compared to BVLOS drone operations, which will be the next step in the future of commercial drone services. Industries such as insurance, construction, agriculture, security, maintenance and search & rescue are just some of business types that already benefit from BVLOS operations of Cloud Ararat.

• Cloud Ararat has over 100 operational fixed-wing and multi-rotor UAVs/Drones.

• Our team has over 10000 hours of autonomous BVLOS commercial drone operations.

• Our fully autonomous BVLOS aerial data services are already operational in North America, Europe and Middle East.

Cloud Ararat offers BVLOS commercial drone services with solid expertise and provides end-to-end services to meet your specific business needs by enabling visibility to all of your field assets using aerial data. What’s more is that Cloud Ararat has over 100 fixed wing and rotorcraft UAVs/Drones, personnel, in-house end-to-end operations management software & obtained all the flight operation permits, licenses and legal compliance to conduct BVLOS flights in United States, Europe & Middle East, which is also a challenge within the sector for many other companies.

Benefits of Autonomous BVLOS Aerial Operations…

Time & Cost Efficient – autonomous beyond visual line of sight drone/UAV flights take less time than the normal procedure of deployment and landing. Moreover, these flights require smaller budget, compared to traditional methods that were done with helicopters and airplanes. We eliminate the human error on field operations.

Deliver Solid Results – BVLOS missions are performed to cover wider areas, which result in higher amount of data. Our Drone/UAVs can also fly on lower altitude between 50 meters to 4.5 kilometers, which provides better quality data, like multi-spectral images, electro optic, infrared and videos…

Safer – Using fully autonomous drones & unmanned aerial vehicles, we eliminate the need for pilots and operation teams. We do ensure that maximum risk mitigation methodologies are applied from our operations to assets, including emergency parachutes. In case there is a failure, parachutes are deployed to avoid injury.