Mert Altindag Mentors Entrepreneurs In Esslingen University

Esslingen University Startup Unit organized an “Ideas Workshop" between March 9th through March 13th with the support of Baden Württemberg: Connected.

Ideas Workshop at Esslingen University

Ideas workshop’s goal is to define an actionable game plan by the end of the workshop in order to bring the idea into a profitable, usable product. Attendees are between the age of 21-31. They are all passionate to generate new products to bring in to the market. Cloud Ararat Founder and CEO Mert Altındağ lead the sessions, coaching and mentoring the bright entrepreneurs. Sessions include:

  • Poster Design – Problems and needs drawn on board!
  • Inspiration Island – Intro to Design Thinking
  • Understanding a problem, observing and creating point of view
  • Create Ideas – Teaching and thinking outside the box
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking – Exercises
  • Team Building – Build groups to work on ideas.
  • Effectuation Grid – Awareness of know-how, networks, finance, timing…
  • Lean Startup Methodology
  • Persona Workshop – Understanding customers
  • Making Hypothesis
  • Prototyping
  • Verifying Hypothesis
  • Pivoting vs Preserve
  • How to develop a business model
  • Product management, marketing and go to market strategy
  • Idea Pitching – finalize for next steps