Research : Social Interaction of Humans and Unmanned Vehicles

Purpose of Researching Social Interaction of Humans and Unmanned Vehicles : Unmanned systems are technologically available. Autonomous systems, software technologies, decision support systems, processing power and sensors are being utilized by military and commercial applications; enabling unmanned systems technology providers increasing opportunities to penetrate the market.

There is a major obstacle ; unpredictable human behaviors. Static objects such as plants, buildings or traffic signs are rational obstacles and mostly predictable challenges. These can be managed or resolved with a mathematical approach. However on the other hand, people are hard to predict. We have tested and observed the social behaviors (reactions and interactions) of people from various demographics while an unmanned ground vehicle is around.

Legal Notice :

***All systems and contents are Intellectual Property of Cloud Ararat GmbH. The Research Video is recorded inside the private property of AIRBUS Defence and Space in Germany using CLOUD ARARAT's
- Unmanned Ground Vehicles,
- Cloud and Software Systems (Connected Ops Software)
- 4G / Satellite Connectivity

***Video is "Officially Approved" for public release by Airbus Defence and Space. Due to the Data Privacy laws in Germany, we are only releasing a limited UGV video with minimal interaction and full privacy of people and vehicles.

Key Statistics and Observations

* Most Entertaining : KIDS love interaction with the UGV/robot. They proactively try to HELP THE ROBOT to pick up the parcel / box. Especially before the robot make the move, kids pick up the parcel and try to feed it to the robot's parcel intake unit. Kids try to make robot's life easier…

Major Challenge : ADULTS make robot's life harder. They move the parcel intentionally to check if the robot can still pick it up. In addition, 6 out of 10 intentionally stood in front of the robot's way to see if it stops automatically.

Most Boring : Bureaucracy and tech penetration in Germany concerning the Data Privacy, Autonomous Vehicle and Cloud Computing technologies are longer, stricter and harder than the USA and Asian countries. Thus, making it extremely hard to test, observe and iterate the developed technologies in the market.

Cloud Ararat currently operates Aerial, Ground and Maritime unmanned systems in the USA, European Union and Middle East. We have extensive hands-on experience in real-time unmanned vehicle development, operations and most importantly data management(collection, processing and simplified actionable intelligence). Throughout our development phases, we prioritize the features and technologies according to the actual clients or real-world environments, rather than assumptions in the office. During the field tests of our parcel delivery version of our unmanned ground vehicle, we had chance to collect feedback from the actual environment and users. Challenges that we prioritized in the office we have assumed were way different than what we have faced. Especially observing high ratio of individuals jumping in front of the vehicle changed our priority on “Reaction to Unexpected and Sudden Obstacles" took the priority. Safety of surroundings is important. During the tests, we did not have any incident such as accidents or injuries. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE FULL SCOPE of the STUDY, PLEASE CONTACT US.

Cloud Ararat's Unmanned Aerial, Ground and Maritime Systems can be operated in various ways

AUTONOMOUS : In aerospace, GPS based autonomous flight is the most common way to navigate the aircraft. Operation can be assisted with optical imaging sensors and proximity sensors for environmental awareness to avoid collisions.

However in ground vehicles, GPS is NOT accurate enough, especially when navigating in cities, between buildings and narrow roads. Environmental awareness must be at 10s of milliseconds responsiveness when making decisions to avoid collisions. Visual and lidar sensors can be used for awareness and detection.

SUPERVISED : While UGVs are being operated autonomously, we do keep an operator at a remote location to take over the control in risky situations such as crowded areas or low accuracy sensing environments. We supervise our products over 4G/5G or Satellite connection over the Connected Ops solutions. Operator can visually watch from unmanned systems' cameras and operate with command and control center, even from home.

MANUAL – REMOTE CONTROL : If there are concerns or challenges with the bureaucracy, we prefer manual operations. Operators can manually operate our aerial, ground or maritime vehicles from ANYWHERE in the WORLD. We develop mission-specific unmanned systems in parcel delivery, data collection, 3D mapping and more. Both the driving platforms and payload modules can be operated manually over 4G/5G or Satellite connection.

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