Start-Up And Global Enterprise Hybrid Working Models

Entrepreneur minded professionals can add significant value and drive business lines with minimal guidance.

Airbus has been our dream company to work with. Throughout the academic and professional career path in software industry, I’ve always seeked opportunities in working and creating value in the aerospace industry one way or the other. The life realities, responsibilities and real-world lessons shaped my 20s and early 30s. The year 2014 was the right time to merge my business experience in the United States and Europe with the technology know-how in the cloud computing and software engineering. Even though the commercial market was in the very early stages, we started building products and offering services in the emerging aerospace technologies such as commercial drone services, aerial traffic management, aerial data technologies, connectivity…etc. Therefore, Cloud Ararat was established to be an connected data intelligence company with the core competency in cloud computing and software solutions complemented with the passion in end-to-end integration of aerial and ground assets, sensors and data technologies to solve business challenges and assist decision making.

Entrepreneurial Approach

Cloud Ararat works with large enterprises around the World. The way we work together is quite different than traditional methodologies and business development approaches. We are not claiming that these are the best practices however with determined attitude, proactive approach and focusing on creating value for others lead to solid market acknowledgement and return on investment. Startups and large enterprises can establish hybrid-working models. Entrepreneur minded professionals can add significant value and drive business lines with minimal guidance. Below are few of the many models we’ve established so far.


So Many ways to Work Together

Share The Industry Passion

We continuously exchange know how, best practices, use cases, challenges and proposed solution methodologies to mutually benefit from each other's experience. Workshops and social lunches have been great ways to do that!

Rapid Prototyping

Large enterprises benefit from the Startups' speed and agility in change management to get work done with limited bureaucracy. Faster way to get a working MVP, test it and make decision to proceed or stop loss.

Spin-Off And Joint Venture

Service and consulting businesses have extensive feedback and market know-how through the customers. Both parties can spin off common products or services as "Joint Venture" that are driven from past experience. Growth can be complemented by leveraging global brand power, know-how and resources.

Co-Build Products

Passionate startups equipped with know-how and experience could engage with large enterprises in co-building products with delegated resources. The output, revenue and Intellectual Property can be shared to mutually share the benefits and responsibilities.

Strategic Investment

Focused startups prefer strategic investors who can understand what they are working on, envision the future and provide constructive input to improve products. A great way for global enterprises to access to motivated and productive talent.

We define our products from the Customer Expectations

Every Cloud Ararat employee is genuinely and carefully trained to listen to others ; clients, business partners, market professionals, competitors and colleagues. We believe that keeping ego away from the eco-system is essential. Listening to your surroundings and capturing the constructive feedback in details will improve the business exponentially, no matter where you are right now. Therefore, we expose ourselves to our eco-system in every possible way by offering services, software solutions in many levels, prototyping, trainings, workshops, presentations and exchange of business challenges. Exposure leads to learning and progress, thus improving every aspect significantly over time.

Cloud and Drones

Cloud Computing And Drones

We have been bringing our know how in cloud computing, software engineering, autonomous UAVs and data management in different levels to Airbus Group. including employees from diverse backgrounds in engineering, legal, finance, operations, project management and many others.

Product & Service Demos

We do showcase and demonstrate our various software and hardware products and solutions to Airbus Group and business partners such as Thales and government delegates.

Work Together On Challenges

We do work together with various engineering teams at Airbus. While we can't disclose the details, we are proud to be able to offer our experience and services to Airbus Group.

Workshops And Projects

We work closely with various Airbus Group companies and departments. It is very important to be patient and follow right steps to engage in a healthy business relationship.