Management Consulting

We co-build and co-execute software products, new business lines and innovation projects.

Connected Ops Management Consulting division offers market research, strategy planning and hands-on agile execution for success. We provide software product management, software development, technology investment advisory, international technology expansion, legal assistance, immigration assistance, financial advisory, ROI management, revenue management and other complementary services for a successful journey.

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Cooperate with the hands-on, resilient entrepreneur in the USA and Europe.

Connected Ops founder Mert Altındağ has been building technology businesses and products from scratch, in the USA and European Union. He is the hands-on, agile and resilient executor. Connected Ops Management Consulting division is established to leverage our first-person experience and know-how to other businesses interested in building new technology products, business lines and innovation projects.

Consulting Services

Management Consulting

International Technology Expansion

In every country, there are different risk factors affecting investment decisions. As a professional team of hands-on entrepreneurs and technology developers, we bring our expertise and know-how in the United States, European Union and Turkey to provide complete international technology business expansion capabilities.

Software Product Management

We build and execute your international software product development strategy with complementary services. We will allocate dedicated technical resources, executive board, operations teams, legal structure, immigration, international accounting, record keeping, tax management, technical compliance and more.

Real Estate Investment & Management

Cloud Ararat will provide licensed real estate brokers in the USA and Europe. We will manage your investments in Real Estate in the USA, Europe and Turkey. Engage in your dream beach home, rental income, commercial or personal property investment for your children's future...

Cloud Ararat founder Mert Altındağ has also invested the earnings from the prior company exits and acquisitions into residential and commercial properties in the USA and Europe. We are happy to share the experience and know how.

Building Tech Startups

We have track record and hands-on experience in establishing profitable startups, growing, monetizing, all the way to the exit.

You will work directly with the founder, Mert Altındağ, who has experienced all phases and the emotions of building self sustainable and profitable businesses from scratch. First-person experience in action.

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Our teams in the USA, Germany and Türkiye will provide local support with local teams. We are happy to talk anytime to build a successful partnership together.

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