Connected Ops Feature Highlights

Connected Ops product is built on solid foundation with a diverse, multi-national and experienced engineering team. Extensive features may sound complicated, however we provide industry specific product suites, which makes it super easy to integrate to your business.

Multi Domain Operations Management
Global Data Management
Resource Management

Real-time aerial, space, maritime and ground operations management in single distributed software platform.

Multi-Domain Operations Management

Workflow and Mission Management

Manage your field operations including job requests, work orders, field teams, assets (properties, UAV/drones, UGV/robots, IoT, sensors...). Collect data, process and share with others. Manage all field operations and missions in real time! Whether your missions include drone surveillance or simply insurance claims management. You may manage a variety of industry-specific workflows end-to-end.

Command and Control Center

Connected Ops offers a distributed software platform and “Command and Control Center”, which enables secure, real-time two-way communication between the assets (aircrafts, vessels, ground vehicles, sensors...etc.) and the command center. Mission Data, Vehicle Data, payload imagery and videos are transferred to the necessary parties according to the workflows. We support 4G/5G, satellite, Radio Frequency, LaserCom connectivity as well as supervised and autonomous capabilities around the World.

Variety of COTS and custom built aerial and ground systems are being remotely piloted or autonomously operated using Connected Ops Command and Control Center.

Connectivity over 4G/5G, Satellite, LaserCom, IoT and Wireless Networks

Software is already integrated to transmit and receive data over multiple networks and data protocols between various types of devices, assets and systems. Our solution provides simplicity for systems of systems running without interruption on the same platform. That is through the years of work, expertise, sweat and tears. Would you like to command your Drones thousands of miles away from your location?

Client Branded Solutions via Connected Ops Engine

You may build your own branded complete solution including but not limited to the web applications, mobile apps, tablet apps, UGV/robots or UAV/Drones using cloud-based Connected Ops API, AI engine, C4I. Some examples could be : Urban Air and Ground Mobility solutions (like Uber) , insurance claim inspection solution, field cargo delivery solutions and beyond… Contact us so we can work with you to deliver the optimum solution.

Global Data Management

Real-Time Data Streaming with Drones and Robots

You can stream real time video simultaneously from multiple Drones(UAVs) and robots(UGVs) to any of your teams around the World. Also, the assets can be tasked to fly/drive autonomously and collect images and sensor data from the comfort of your office or home.

All data captured from the assets are uploaded to the missions and shared with right people automatically via Connected Ops Mission Management module.

Any-Cloud Based Data and Access Management

Easily collect, securely store and share data with anyone as needed. Your teams, clients or suppliers do not need to install a new software to review your massive mission-specific data. You will eliminate FTP file sharing, send hard disks with couriers or any other method. With few clicks, people can view, edit or process your massive(TBs) data. We can deploy Connected Ops on any cloud infrastructure including AWS, Azure or your own data centers depending on your requirements.

Data Processing, Visualization and Distribution

Connected Ops platform can store, process and visualize a broad scope of data types. No need to download any software on your computer or purchase licenses. Our platform can support open-data standards as well as restricted data types. From a massive 3D-Model data (Gigabytes) to simple MS office documents may be viewed, processed and shared over the Connected Ops Mobile/Tablet applications or any web-browsers.. 

Integrated Application Marketplace (internal & External)

Simplified one-click Cloud Based Data Processing capabilities are in the Connected Ops Apps Marketplace. There are various intelligence technologies and capabilities built-in such as 3D Photogrammetry processing, object detection using images/videos, vehicle collision avoidance technology, flight route generator and many more. Both your internal and 3rd party intelligence capabilities can be integrated. No contracts, no license fees and no server management. Pay as much as you process.

Satellite and Aerial imagery infrastructure

Service-oriented satellite and aerial imagery infrastructure takes care of all the complexity of handling satellite imagery archives and makes it available for end-users via easy-to-integrate web services.

Using Connected Ops integrated catalog, you may browse global satellites as well as your own data collections from your drone missions. Connected Ops platform is capable to optimize and stream data according to your connection and hardware capabilities.

Resource Management

Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Client management is very easy and simplified using Connected Ops. Internal and external users can cooperate together within the same business workflows, data sharing environments.

Multi-Domain Asset Management

In the Connected Ops platform, a variety of assets in any domain can be managed in real time. Access management, command permissions, geo-locations, asset-specific data are collected and stored in a time-stamped data structure. All data may be reviewed according to their respective access levels in the missions or business operations.

Simplified Procurement Management

We evolve the complexity of supply chain management into super simple workflows. Managing suppliers and clients as well as their work orders are clearly visible and trackable, and will save you time, effort and workload on the human resources. Reduced burden and complexity will make your business and data supply chain super lean.
Whether you operate a small business or a global enterprise, we are capable to handle various scale and demand!

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