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Integrated, Distributed, Software and Connected Intelligence Services

Our core expertise includes information technologies, data management, distributed computing and software engineering. We design, architect, build and deploy turn-key, safety-critical, integrated distributed software solutions and products. We work with you in all phases of the software product development to deliver quality products and solutions beyond expectations. Connected Ops is your one-stop-shop to execute multi-domain software and connected intelligence solutions.

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Technology Services

Multi-Domain, Distributed Software solutions

Distributed & Edge Computing

We offer professional computing services, consulting , end-to-end software & data architecture design, data storage, cybersecurity, migration and data processing services...

We are not a re-seller, therefore we have objective perspective to build the right architecture and distributed solutions on :
* Connected Ops Data Centers
* Customer Data Centers / On-Premise
* Edge --> Aircrafts, robots, IoTs, field computers...
* AWS & Azure

Business Centric Software Engineering

We develop safety-critical, globally scalable, tailor-made, integrated and connected software solutions.

Our team is experienced with building connected, integrated B2B solutions with:
* Cloud native software applications
* Native Android and IOS mobile apps
* Embedded software
* IoT applications, wireless sensors, electronics
* Big data management applications.
* Distributed ERP, Logistics, Warehouse, Inventory, Order Management solutions

Cloud Services

Data Collection, Storage, Processing & Visualization

We manage all phases of the data journey lifecycle;
* Data collection from all resources (UAVs, UGVs, IoTs, satellites and more)
* Distributed hybrid cloud data storage
* Super-simplified data processing workflows
* Secure data sharing with internal or external stakeholders

Hands on experience in all Aerial, Ground, Maritime and Space domains.

Actionable Intelligence Solutions

Connected Ops data science and intelligence teams develop software solutions, AI/ML algorithms and integrate to your preferred systems to enable end-to-end, simplified actionable intelligence solutions within your business workflows.

Wide spectrum of capabilities include object detection, license plate recognition, 3D Modeling, image enhancement, defect detection, manufacturing quality benchmarking...

Let us know your expectations.

Commercial Drone Services

We operate variety of Drones fully compliant and insured in the USA and EU. Our teams collect aerial data with various sensors, process the data and simplify the results for you to review easily. All fully automated using Connected Ops software.

We collect, process, and deliver wide-scope of data ; 2D/3D maps, facility models, lidar models, imagery, live video streaming...etc.

Software and Electronics Rapid Prototyping

We cooperate and co-create with global corporations to rapidly develop and test

* hardware and software solutions;
* unmanned aerial vehicles/drones
* unmanned ground vehicles/robotics
* electronics, payloads,
* AI and data processing technologies and more.

This approach is a proven time and budget saver before rolling out large scale projects.

(Un)crewed Aerial & Ground Systems Software Engineering

We develop mission specific, tailor-made (un)crewed aerial and ground vehicle systems, mission systems, software and data management solutions.

* Aircraft Avionics Software and Data Engineering (DO-178, ARINC 653, ARINC 429, MIL-STD 1553...)
* Air Vehicle & Ground Mission Management Software
* Safety-Critical Air Vehicle Management Software
* Multi-Domain Fleet, Operations, Logistics, Warehousing and Inventory Management software

Autonomous, supervised or remotely piloted via 4G, 5G, SatCom LaserCom, RF options.

Connected Ops :
SaaS, PaaS and IaaS

Connected Ops is a unique, connected and integrated business management software solution (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS) for your global organization. multi-domain operations, resources and data management, tailored to your business needs.

Connected Ops is suitable for small businesses as well as international corporations. Features are enabled to fit your expectations

Product Features

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