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Connected Ops
Version 6.0

Distributed, Real-Time, Multi-domain Operations, Resource and Data Management Software. Stronger with the expanded ERP, warehousing, logistics, inventory management features. Mesh network of Crewed Aircrafts, UAVs, Robotics, IoT networks and Satellite data are integrated for optimum business management.

Connected Ops Features
Connected Ops version 5.0
Technology Services

Multi-Domain Intelligence

We deliver multi-cloud, super-connected intelligence solutions using Satellites, Airships, Drones, Robots, IoT Sensors, AI technologies and more...

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Connected Ops : The System of Systems

Our vision is to establish operational excellence via connected intelligence

Our mission is to intelligently connect disparate systems to simplify Aerial, Ground, Maritime and Space Operations, Resource and Data Management via the Connected Ops distributed framework and software solution.

Real Estate


Connected Ops offers multi-domain operations, resource and data management features in a simplified and distributed software. Wide scope of software and firmware features include integrated satellite imagery catalogs, real-time aerial vehicle management, ground field operations, asset tracking, warehousing, inventory management, logistics, encapsulated and distributed data processing capabilities. You may bring your own assets, intelligence and AI capabilities into the Connected Ops Apps Marketplace. We are designed to meet the C4I expectations in global scale.

Sample Applications

Distributed, Multi-Domain Operations Management
Future Combat Air System (European Union)
Situational Awareness
Object Detection
AI / ML Algorithms
Real-time Data Analysis


Connected Ops offers a collection of features to deliver a smooth experience in your aerial operations. Real-time air vehicle data , health data, avionics software, mission management for crewed and uncrewed aerial vehicles. Strong API library and distributed data infrastructure powers integration to commercial, defense or custom built (un)crewed vehicles. You may collect, store, process, stream and share data on The Connected Ops solution including massive data such as orthophotos, 3D Tiles, 3D Models, aircraft location history, aircraft avionics data and even flight logs. In addition to the air vehicle features, Connected Ops provides full-scale solution set for ground operations, logistics, inventory and supplier management for Aviation industry.

Sample Applications

Real-time Aircraft/Drone Operations & Data Management
Safety-Critical Urban Air Mobility Operations
Automated Aerial Flight/Mission Data collection & Ground Data Management
2D and 3D Mapping
Real-time data processing : Change and Object Detection
Vehicle Management & Mission Management Software (DO178, ARINC 653, 429...)


Connected Ops provides solid software and data infrastructure to deliver data workflows on the space domain. Satellites generate very large scale of historical earth observation imagery. You may browse through the integrated satellite catalogs with various imagery such as True Color, False Color, NDVI, SAR. and many others. Whether you are a researcher or operating a business, Connected Ops will deliver you an end-to-end data collection, processing and distribution environment for your ecosystem. If you are a Satellite Tech provider, we can integrate our infrastructure to accommodate your satellite network.

Sample Applications

Earth Observation Data Management
Satellite Mesh Networking
Satellite Imagery Processing
600+ Integrated Satellite Imagery Catalog
AI/ML Algorithms, Change Detection using Satellites

Emergency Management

Connected Ops offers easy usability and reporting workflows for emergency and law enforcement departments on the ground and the air.
* Incident Management
* Fire, accident, legal data management
* Images, videos and dynamic data management via mobile, tablet or web applications.
* Asset(Drones, vehicles, aircrafts, vessels...) tracking,
* Field personnel, workforce and operations management
* Super scalability and distributed computing for reliable access and data integrity.
* Custom AI capabilities such as vehicle tag scanning, object tracking and more.

Sample Applications

Emergency Assets, Operations Coordination and Data Management
Fire/Accident Incident Reporting and Management
Law Enforcement Case and Accident Reporting
Real-time Squad Tracking and Dispatching


Connected Ops solution offers wide scope of manufacturing capabilities and workflows:
* Real-time machinery and asset tracking using IoTs, sensors, cameras
* Integrations to your existing hardware, SCADA systems
* Workforce management, timesheets and work orders
* Machinery tracking, equipment efficiency tracking
* Inventory management and tracking
* Warehouse management
* Logistics tracking, vehicle tracking, fleet management
* Supply chain solution for real time order, procurement and sales management

Sample Applications

Real-time Machinery, Equipment, Inventory and Asset Tracking
Manufacturing process, Workforce, Workflow and Order Management
Real-time Supply Chain and Logistics Management
Integrated AI to detect defects and Malfunction


Connected Ops offers end-to-end workflows for the insurance industry to manage insurance claims and inspections. Terrestrial or Aerial inspections can be performed using your traditional equipment, Connected Ops mobile apps and Drones.
* Manage field teams, work orders, inspection images, inspection reports and forms
* Home inspection, car inspection, facility inspection management
* Automated AI capabilities such as crack detection, demolished home detection and more from the Connected Ops Apps Marketplace
* Large area inspection using satellite imagery or precise high resolution data using UAV/Drones or in person inspections
* Manage data and workflows end-to-end

Sample Applications

Insurance Claims Reporting & Management
End-to-End Workforce Management and Inspection Workflows
Asset and Resource Management
Data Solution including 3D Site Models, Maps
Satellite Change Detection
Damage Assessment

Real Estate

Connected Ops allows you to manage residential or commercial properties globally.
* Customer management
* Property management, workforce management, tenant management
* Automated Drones surveillance
* Intrusion detection with sensors and cameras
* Human detection on your cameras and more
* Geographical information system for geo-located access to your resources
* Asset management, fleet management

Sample Applications

Property and Tenant Management and CMS
Aerial and Ground Inspection and Data Management
3D Models and maps
Real Time Security Surveillance with IoT sensors, Cameras, UAVs, UGVs
Asset, equipment and furniture tracking & management
Real-time IoT Networks : Smoke alerts, motion & intrusion detection


Connected Ops workflows provide flexible management solutions for industry specific applications. We offer multi-domain operations management features including :
* Vessel tracking and management
* Cargo tracking, inventory tracking
* Aerial cargo/logistics UAV operations
* Asset management, fleet management, maintenance management
* Logistics management

Sample Applications

Real Time Vessel and Cargo Tracking
Cargo UAV/Drone Operations
Asset Management
Route Optimization
Our Services

Real Entrepreneurial Execution and Hands-on Technology Development

We offer end-to-end integrated Technology Solutions complemented with Management Consulting services to successfully bring enterprise technology products and solutions to the market.

Entrepreneurial Approach in Software Solutions

Connected Ops team has the Entrepreneurial Experience and Global Vision in building self-sustaining technology businesses and technology products in the USA, Europe and Middle East. We have built our products, clients and network from scratch, even in countries we have been for the first time. Our teams love what they do! We are constructive, happy people and pretty easy to work with...

Our Agile approach distinguishes Connected Ops to be fast, reliable and execution-focused.

Real Solutions : Avoid Buzzwords, PowerPoint & PDF

We are very experienced and genuinely passionate about working with software and data technologies in multi-domain distributed networks and environments. Satellites, crewed aircrafts, drones, robots, AI workflows and electronics integrations are part of our daily life and work. Feel free to contact us and learn more how we can cooperate!

We know the limitations and realistic capabilities of technologies presented in executive PowerPoint slides. We focus on architecting, integrating and development of software systems to co-create viable, real solutions together specific to your business.

Multi-Domain Integrated Data Management Expertise

Connected Ops teams have solid background, expertise and hands-on experience in architecting, developing and managing distributed software systems, software product management, big data, distributed computing & data processing, data analysis systems and connected intelligence solutions.

We are confident about our experience in making the entire data journey and data lifecycle very simple!

We do great job on getting disparate data systems, data sources and technologies to communicate with each other in a smooth way.

Connected Ops saves Time & Resources

We utilize our signature Connected Ops software, platform and distributed infrastructure layers to rapidly develop integrated and customized solutions for our clients.

Connected Ops provides simplified Operations, Resource, Data Management software solutions integrated with (un)crewed aircrafts , Satellites, UGV/Robots, crewed vehicles, IoT networks, Wireless Sensors and actionable intelligence technologies within your business operations.

Defense, Aviation, Space, Manufacturing, Transportation, Insurance and more...

Articles & News

We occasionally share some articles and news...

Clients in the USA, Europe and MENA

Future Combat Air System (FCAS)

Future Combat Air System (FCAS)

Connected Ops GmbH is the direct supplier Airbus Defence & Space and German Ministry of Defence for safety-critical software solutions, connected intelligence and data management. Aerial, Space and ground assets are integrated to manage multi-domain operations in real time. Connected Ops provides a safety-critical, strong and cost-efficient basis to test new technologies and prototypes before rolling out a billion dollar project.

FCAS Website
Video of Phase 1

Airbus Defence and Space - GERMANY
Multi-domain Connected Intelligence

TAI TF-X - Avionics Software Engineering

Connected Ops Team provides avionics software engineering services for the fifth generation stealth fighter jet. We focus on safety-critical avionics software design & development using multi-core and integrated modular avionics architecture. Also, we are customizing The Connected Ops solution to establish a multi-domain connected intelligence solution ; aircraft data, aerial operations, ground operations, supply chain, logistics and manufacturing in a single distributed solution.

Turkish Aerospace Industries
Republic of Türkiye
Cloud Ararat - SCRA Event

Management - Virtual CIO

We have worked with South Carolina Research Authority over 3 years. Cloud Ararat supported with management consulting (virtual CIO) and IT services to SCRA and also to the startups in SCRA ecosystem.

South Carolina Research Authority - USA
Virtual CIO Services

Manufacturing and Resource Management

The "Connected Ops" solution integrated to the entire manufacturing processes. Our client manages manufacturing processes, warehouse, logistics & transportation, sales, maintenance and repairs, schedules, work orders, inventory and data throughout the organization. IoT sensors stream live data from the machinery and equipment.

Manufacturing Client - United States
ERP, Manufacturing and Operations
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